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I had some free time at Kiplin Hall this week and went for a walk round the lake. The water was really clear and you could see the stones and pond weed in the water at the edge of the lake.

I stopped to take a photo and the camera had a hard time trying to work out what to focus on. The light was bright and there was a reflection on the water and also all the stones and pond weed at the bottom of the lake edge.

I really resonated with the camera lens! Sometimes in therapy people aren't sure why they feel like they do. They know something doesn't feel right, or that they feel blocked or stuck somehow but can't understand why they feel that way.

As a therapist my job is to sit with the uncertainty and the not knowing. Maybe ask questions about what's on the surface, sometimes wonder about what might be at the bottom of the lake, but often not being able to see the whole picture at once.

Over time, my client and I beome familiar with the landscape. Feelings become identified and old experiences that might be guiding the here and now are considered and evaluated. By understanding both the surface and the depths I notice people are more able to make choices that work for them and no longer feel stuck and confused.

Although sometimes it can be hard, acknowledging the uncertainty allows more patience and curiosity for exploring what is there.

This photo might not know whether it is depths, surface or reflection, but it is cool and interesting just as it is!

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