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People seek therapy for a range of reasons. Maybe you want to manage overwhelming feelings, to process a difficult life experience or to feel more connected to your self and have a clearer sense of your direction in life.

As an Integrative therapist I will tailor the work to help you meet your goals.

I offer online therapy sessions via Zoom.

Using full security features, the platform provides a confidential space for you to discuss what you're grappling with.

Sessions last 50 minutes and cost £55.

Make contact to find out more or book an initial session.


Relationships are huge aspects of life and sustaining a relationship is one of the most challenging things we do in our lifetimes. Relationships change as we change and as life shifts around us. It is common for life changes such as parenthood, bereavement and life stresses such as the Covid-19 pandemic to put additional strains on relationships.As a therapist working with couples, I help identify current issues and work with people to try out new communication strategies and give space to consider a way forward.Sessions for couples last 50 minutes and cost £65.Make contact to find out more or book an initial session.

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