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Physis - growth and life force

Updated: Apr 20

As I was walking round Kiplin Hall whilst the team prepare for the re-opening of the venue after the most recent covid-19 lockdown, I was struck by the all the spring life opening up and emerging throughout the grounds.

Daffodils were blooming, blossom was emerging on the fruit trees in the walled garden, trees were in bud, leaves about to unfurl. Everywhere I looked, the environment was demonstrating its potential. Given the basic needs of enough sunlight and enough water all these plants and trees were demonstrating physis - the life force that exists in all natural things.

Planted in the ground, a daffodil bulb springs forth and becomes its full daffodil self becasue of the potential it has within the daffodil bulb.

Humans have physis too, a life force within us that supports our growth and our drive to reach our potential.

The daffodil can’t choose to be a tulip in the same way that we can’t choose to be another species, so some aspects of life are fixed – our humanity, that we are mortal.

We are also shaped by our environments in the same way as the natural world. We can’t change our historic environments that might have affected the direction of our early growth, difficult life experiences may impede us, but we can continue to grow and develop throughout our lives.

One of the things I love about therapy is supporting my clients to fully connect with their physis and to grow and fulfil their full potential. Seeing nature do the same around us is just one of the ways that we can connect to our inner life energy.

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