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Crossing the threshold

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I have been thinking about this post for a while and wanting to write more about the challenge of 'crossing the threshold' and starting therapy.

In my experience, lots of people starting therapy both want it and don't want it in equal measure. They find themselves searching for therapists, motivated to seek something out, whilst simultaneously having one foot running in the opposite direction.

Almost all my clients have tried lots of different things to help them with their difficulties. Practical life changes, reading, research, but often still find themselves circling around the same problems or back in a familiar place.

Am I ready for therapy?

Stepping into therapy can feel really challenging. Do I really need this? Do I have time for this? Can I afford this? Do I deserve this?

Some of these (especially the financial cost of therapy) are real and important questions and sometimes do provide real barriers to entering therapy.

Sometimes however, people get caught on the threshold, researching and considering but finding it hard to cross over into the unknown therapy experience.

However much people want change and want a different experience, there is often fear of the unknown future experience. People linger on the edge, heeding adages such as 'better the devil you know' and 'don't upset the apple cart'. There is comfort in the status quo.

As a therapist, I really understand the experience many people have when starting out. This is one of the reasons I suggest people make contact with me and have a session to discuss what they are looking for and answer as many questions about the process as I can. There will still be some uncertainties, some things that remain unknown, but sorting out some of the practicalities can help step towards the future.

It seems fitting to be writing this blog post on June 21st, the summer solstice. Here in the UK, the summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, the day that marks the point of midsummer. We are here at this midpoint, after many months of increasing light before moving towards the next season and shorter days to come.

We are at the threshold of the year and the idea of cold, dark winter days seems out of place, like something I could never imagine wanting, but after all the years of living in a seasonal climate I know that when I get there it will feel right, I will be ready for the jumpers and the boots, enjoy kicking through leaves and seeing morning frosts.

But for now we are at the crossing point, the first step towards a different season and with the ease of one passing day things start to shift and change.

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