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There is increasing evidence that spending time in nature has a significant impact on wellbeing.

By providing therapy outdoors, my clients have the ability to benefit from spending increased time in the natural environment whilst also working through their issues in a supportive relationship.

Therapy works best when you think about your whole self - your thoughts, behaviours and feelings. Working outdoors supports a holistic connection to all aspects of ourselves.

As the realities of climate change and the relationship between humans and our environment becomes clearer, many people are wanting to connect more fully with the natural environment and understand more about their relationship to the wider environment. Therapy outdoors allows a deeper connection to yourself and the earth.



All my outdoor therapy sessions take place in the grounds of Kiplin Hall in North Yorkshire. There are a range of environments - woodland, a lake and lake walk, formal gardens and pastures.

Sessions will guided by you and your needs, visiting areas of the grounds that interest you. Sessions can be carried out whilst walking or we can find a place to sit and spend some time. This can vary depending on the session and the season.

Initial sessions are very different to ongoing therapy sessions as they involve sharing practical and background information and so all initial sessions will be held online. All subsequent sessions will be held at Kiplin Hall. 

Sessions last for 60 minutes and cost £65. This includes access to Kiplin Hall grounds and parking.

Kiplin Hall is located between Northallerton and Richmond with easy access to the A1.

For more information about the practicalities of working outdoors please see my FAQ page.

Interested in learning more about the services I offer? Get in touch with me today to set up an initial session or find out more.

Outdoor Therapy: Services
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